Simulating the forming process of composites

AniForm’s implicit solver and graphical user interface are especially developed
for draping predictions of continuous fibre reinforced composites.
Predict drapability
Understand deformations
Optimise your process
Achieve lead time reductions

Software products

AniForm Core is an implicit finite element solver for accurate and fast 3D simulations with anisotropic materials. AniForm PrePost is a graphical user interface to model and analyse the composite forming process.
Aniform Suite

Aniform CoreAniform PrePost

Sequence of steps to obtain simulation results

Create meshes3rd party meshing toolsSupported import formats:
.msh (GiD format), .pat (Patran), .stl (STereoLithography)
Prepare modelAniForm PrePostImport/define material card
Define lay-up
Model the process
SimulateAniForm CoreSend job to AniForm Core
Solve model
Download intermediate results
Analyse resultsAniForm PrePostView results
Analyse formability
Export results
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